Get your head into the Clouds

Signature Stress Reliever Massages are one of my favorite massages. Be prepared to check yourselves out and unplug. In a world of DO DO and More Do where everything is requiring your focus concentration and attention. Placing tension and tightness on shoulder and upper backs. Within a super relaxing Stress Reliever Massage you can allow yourself to drop everything and let it all float away. No attention is required, Be transported. You may choose to believe you are in a beach and Become one with the Clouds. Clouds do not hold onto to any concept or idea. No past, No future. Get back into the simplicity of your Beingness. Be the cloud and simply.... Float...... Listen to the waves and Let it all Float. AHHHHH......I promise you can retrieve it all back again once the session ends. And then again you may have gained a better perspective and not want it back. That choice will be yours to make.

PS.... Add coconut scented scrub for special effects

Signature Restorative

Do you have Kinky Knots or in need of Sports Massage????

For a more detailed focused and custom tailored massage. Utilizing Neuromuscular, Trigger Points and Acupressure and working with meridians. You will get up feeling restored and brand new.

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