The Importance of Letting it all Fall Apart

Allow Yourself to Fall Apart

While most self help philosophies are focusing on betterment . How to better yourselves, Physically financially in Relationships and how to feel better about yourself. I believe the true message is 180degrees from this reasoning I believe the truth is the the total loss of your self and your self identity. The very thing that scares everyone because it is the total end of your human hood as you know it. The fact is that you are in the dilemma you are in is because you tried to hold it all together and make it work .

Warning before you continue reading ........the following may upset you or frustrate you but in the end it will bring you peace. You must ask yourself ........Do you want to be right and keep up appearances of having it all together ??or Do you want happiness inner peace and Contentment?

My advice......... Inhale Take a Deep Breath Breath and Let it come out through top of your head. Now take another breath and release let it all come crashing down and let it all Fall Apart. You are trying to hold a self or an image or projection of a self that was never going to work.

Ok I am even going a step further and say the self that you think you are is not. As you have constructed yourself is not who you really are. Please just keep following me.....

Deep Breath, Close your eyes , Quiet your mind and in this moment think Everything you have done, accomplished, failed to accomplish means nothing at this very moment. All your ideas and belief are nothing and are not even there.

Now Open your eyes ..........Nothing I see means anything because I have projected out my ideas upon everything outside of me and these ideas are no more. I have given everything I SEE all the meaning it has for me

And When I stop mind projections ..........of how I am going to act or fix to better my situation

When you stand in that nakedness of I don’t know who I am, where I find myself, where I am going or how to respond to anything, with the only Hope of being shown. However small that glimmer of Hope is that is your Light raft being favored upon you. That moment is your golden moment it is the moment of your death......the death of your ego self . When once you feel the emotions that arise from that devastation you begin to get flooded with an insurgence of Light and here is where the good news is The good news is that in the exact same spot of that death is your rebirth. This is your Holy Moment of Transformation and it is a moment where you change cellularly and some of you may feel that physically and or cellularly . It is Jesus' moment on the Cross. You have no other alternative but to ask to be shown the Miracle.

Deep Breath ......Everything now is brand new In that moment you realize your I AM NESS..........


In this holy transformation you are being changed into a new being with a new light reference that is not from here nor within the framework you previously held..... The essence of who you are starts to unfold. I literally do not have another alternative but to be totally God dependent. This is the point of gaining total dependency on the Holy Spirit.

This idea is a 180 degree from what society expects us to believe. To be dependent on His Holy spirit, the Father. Your apparent death is you releasing all ego thoughts , all thoughts of separation. When Jesus gave up his life. He was in this sense releasing it all and in this moment of release he released for all mankind as mankind. and in his letting go of life he took on the entirety and became us all . .

This is what Paul means when he says we die daily ......we lay aside all our preconceived ideas and I accept my position with Jesus and choose to go to the Father .

This transition and transformation is continually happening in you as you bring this to the forefront of you attention. Always Remember you are a Divine being made in his image as as divine being we have never left our source.

And If I Appear to be here in physicality .......Say to me ..........I am here as a resurrected Self.

It is not so I can retake my previous human hood and be a victim to life circumstances but rather it is Spirit calling as the One Self that comes in name of the Father to be truly helpful. God’s Holy Spirit is in me as Me. AND i come representing him who sent me so I need not worry what to say or do because he who sent me will guide me. I Feel content to being where he wishes me to be because I know he is there with me and I Will heal as I allow myself to learn of his healing. Yes I believe we are his finished work and through our death in Him are we able to lay aside all ego thoughts and see the wonder of the miracle that already is in front of us .

To Die is to Live ......For Life is given you to give to a dying world.

To Heal within a dying world is to call on the Holy Instant’s radiance and see beyond all suffering and see the face of Christ instead. It is to accept the Healing as a fact. God’s finished work is whole and healed and perfect and there can never be an opposition to this . You will be witness to this finished work

Suffering eyes no longer will accuse , but shine in thanks to you who blessings gave. To For Give within a world of accusation is replaced by the one in which all eyes look lovingly upon a friend who brought them their release. And in this all preconceived enemies are called Friends

My Friends.......Drink of this Holy Nectar ...........I Offer my Healing and I offer my Peace to the One in us All.

Excerpts taken from Chap 27 Healing of the Dream

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