"Brenda was very good at working my tight muscles. She was patient and attentive to what needed to be done. I will definitely go see her again. :)"
                                                           Esther M. · March 16


"I was really impressed with the customer serviced. She came in early for me during the week because I work weird hours. I have never had that happen before; usually I have to rearrange my schedule, not the other way around. The massage was fantastic and I felt amazing afterwards. I would definitely go back!"


                                                                  Kayla W. · 9 days ago


"Brenda's massage and salt scrub treatment was out of this world. I've had many massages in my life and yet Brenda found new ways of working my arms and shoulders. Deep and thorough, but not painful. My skin is soooo soft after my treatment, that I keep entreating people to, "touch my arm." I don't know which is more pleasant, receiving the treatment or the condition of my skin is afterward.

                                                                                 Mary A. · 3 days ago 


"I saw Brenda, and was very impressed. I get massages 6+ times a year. I can tell she is very talented and passionate about her work. They also had a great special to keep me coming back. Looking forward to maybe having found "my place" in my new city!"

                                                                                                        Jen T. · 6 days ago · 

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